misconception about yoyoing and tilts...

So here I am, I used to be more active in the other forum but well you know the rest of the story…
In this thread I’ll share my knowledge about few things that probably most of you don’t realize. If you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to ask.

“If your yoyo tilts easier, throw your yoyo harder.”

First I have a question, what caused a yoyo to tilt?

Well, it’s because of the string rubbing against the yoyo wall, if it doesn’t rub, it will still tilt very slowly because of either string tension, string placement on the bearing, etc, but these are not really important. What counts though, is you should notice that certain misalignment between string and the yoyo will tilt the yoyo in certain direction. Like when you’re doing trapeze, the string should align with the gap of the yoyo to do this properly (seen from the top). Try misalign the string by moving your throwhand slightly forward or slightly backward. You’ll see that with certain motion, you can control how your yoyo tilts however you want.

What happened here is the string rubs the wall which affect the direction of the spinning yoyo. You’ll also notice that the faster the yoyo spins, the slower this “wall rub” affect the yoyo tilting direction and with slower spin, even the slightest rub could affect the balance very much. You don’t always have to mount the yoyo to control it, you can also just move it around to control the tilts.
Some of you might do this unconsciously since you’ve been playing for many years but this is the explanation. This is the essence of horizontal tricks as you will need to be able to control the tilting direction in certain angle. Do you know how Christopher Chia did that eli hop gyro thing? basically he control his yoyo tilting direction just like what I’m talking about.

Now you know the basic, and it’s all makes sense how could someone like Jayyo did a three minutes freestyle in one throw (I think this is a good example right?), that’s basically he is really good in controlling the yoyo tilting direction even in slower spin (which gradually harder as the yoyo slows down). I hope this is clear enough to everyone, and sorry for the bad English.

Now you know the basic, let’s go throw some yoyos!

Try throwing your yoyo slower than usual, then try to do tricks until it spun out, it’ll help to get a grip on how to control your yoyo better.

EDIT: this is the video I’m talking about
*side note, he is using stock bearing, not a fancy concave or 10ball thingy

Also, you can cure a tilt initially by observing what way the yoyo tilts. On your next throw, twist your wrist slightly in the opposite direction of the tilt. Adjust your throw as needed until it’s gone.

Yes, that’s about it

Video or this didn’t happen… jk. But really, is there a video? I’d like to see it.

Did he do any regens?

Link to the video on the first post, and no he didn’t do any regens.

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