Mint w Box Subterranean Dietz 97$ Free Shipping-Or Best Offer!! I WANT THIS GONE

I bought this a copuple weeks ago. It is in perfect mint condition. I want another Code 2 this yo is not my size. These are on sale for 109$ on another site, but you can get it cheaper here. 97$ free Shipping.

Includes One Drop 10 Ball Brand New

1 Green Kitty string Included and a free gift Surprize Gift Included if you buy within 48 hrs!

I will trade for a Shutter Fly Code 2 or maybe some other bright Code 2 colorway, or maybe something else- show me what you got.

Don’t PM me and offer to trade unless you also include a description and some good pictures of what you want to trade.

I have a low trade count so I will ship first but only to people who have a decent trade count.

Paypal Only!