Mint Phenomism, Speeder 2, Chaotic, YYF 44, Axiom, Higby Painted Journey

For sale, or would trade the lot for one nice throw:

Mint Phenomism: Nickel rims, lime color. Still has konkave bearing and mirror caps installed $35
Chaotic: From 1st run. Has lots of scratches but still plays great. Comes with center trac bearing $25
YYF 44 B grade: Plays great. Has scratches and B Grade stamp on it. $20
YYJ Axiom: Half gold, half black. Not often used, but has a couple scratches. $20
Speeder 2: World’s 2011 edition. Black finish. Comes with narrow and full size bearing. $20
Higby Painted Journey: Orange with blue flames. Like new $20

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Pictures of the Axiom and 44

Any yyf for a dv888 and N9???

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