Miguel Correa at BAC!

I got an autograph!!!



Nice video. I got his autograph twice. One at the California State yoyo Championships and the other at the 2010 BAC. That would be cool if you also made a video of Tyler, but liked it. :wink:

Nice dude!

I’m going to Cal States next year. :slight_smile:

I’m too scared of Tyler. :frowning:

He’s too… something.

He’s too what? To me he’s too awesome. :wink:

Nice dude :slight_smile:

He’s too… scary. Sorry Tyler. ;D He looks good in his vdeos though…

Because he has this black thingie in his nose… But I mean… that’s his style.

Oh yeah! I saw him play with the 2010 Severe. Awesome.

The nose ring makes him look cool, and it makes him Tyler. I like Tyler the way he is. :slight_smile:

WOW so impressive0 :-\

i like miguel correa
he is the best at 5a!!!

So… are you being sarcastic or… is that a compliment?

Vivo, I see your point. Grant is scary to me… :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Throwing! =]