Mighty Flea Stock

Andre, I was just wondering if you could tell me if your current stock of Mighty Flea’s were the new run, with the laser engraving?

Thank you.

Flea’s have laser engraving? Mine doesnt. Oh well.

They couldnt fit that much cool stuff on the tiny little thing.

Think the newer models has a stainless steel body with laser engravings. Insteadt of a brass nickel-plated body without laser engravings.

We just spoke with Ben in regards to our most recent shipment of Mighty Fleas.
The ones that we currently have are without laser engraving but are from the most recent run - I guess they shipped them before laser engraving.

We decided to keep the ones we have since they do look nice without the laser engraving and will be ordering a new batch with the laser engraving to sell as well.