Mighty Flea FS

Hey all. I’ve got this Mighty Flea here. I don’t really care for it so it isn’t getting the playing time it deserves. I can get pictures if you want, but there are only one or two tiny tiny scratches. It will also come with the egg holder thing, a little bag for the Flea, 5 regular strings plus one longer one, and an extra axle. It hasn’t been used much so the pads are still super fresh. Offer away!

i’ll offer 20 but that might change if i see pics

Really? $20? Wow. So low. Here’s your pictures. I couldn’t really get the tiny scratches in the pictures, but I tried. If you look closely each picture kind of has one super tiny scratch.


Still here.

Taking trades? Might as well try.

These for it?

Yeah might as well try.

Didn’t I trade you that Metal Zero? :stuck_out_tongue:

Either way, sorry no. Not really too interested in those. I’m also mainly looking to sell it. However, trades might still be accepted, just not in this case.

Didn’t I trade you that Metal Zero? :stuck_out_tongue:
Oh yeah, forgot about that lol. (well, actually tol) Free bump I guess.

hy um, dude, ill like totally trade yus a peak and gm2 for it.

Lol no. My precious flea is worth way more than that. I mean after all an 888 is worth like $20 so your peak and gm2 are only worth like $40 so no way. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bump! Looking for a BigYo also!

my offer of $20 is still up. and i dont have paypal

$20 is way too low. Someone else snatched it up. So yeah, sold.