Mib purple clyw yeti for sale

Like the title says, Mint In Box purple CLYW Yeti for sale or trade. The box has been opened. Yoyo just as it came from the factory in Canada. Offer whatever, I can add cash. Thanks, Adam

Please bring up my post. What’s up with the “body seems unclear. Is it a complete sentence” That’s not annoying or anything.

I sent you a pm

Let me guess, you typed in all caps? :wink:

lol, I don’t think I did? So all caps is what does it? Noted :smile: you’re always willing to help a guy out. That’s a good way to be.

I dunno, what’d you type? gibberish? Nobody likes YELLING THATS FOR SURE :yellow_heart:

aaahhhhhh, that’s what it was, I did type in gibberish. Duh, I should’ve known better. My bad. lmfao


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