!! MIB Kerbel Signature Purple YYF MVP w/ New One Drop 10 balls $50 !!

I took the lame tribal design off the rims and polished them on my lathe. looks awesome, no vibe, never hit the ground, plays just as new comes in the box. I have a hundred new one drop 10 ball bearings so I will include a couple new ones with it. It’s the purple one with silver splash. $60 to Hipsters $50 to non-Hipsters.

I got 70 some perfect trades on YoyoNation but that BST is dead, just search my screen name there. I will send a pic to a cellphone, I accept paypal, too lazy to deal with uploading a pic because of the small byte limit here. You can call or text me. -Steve 510- four three five- 3370. I dont search my messages much, so text me.