MFD website

did the website just dissapear? or did they change the address to it or what,cuz i cannot seem to find it,help me please or atleast enlighten me on what happened to it,Thank you

Works fine for me. Make sure you are using .ca instead of .com.

Actually the monkeyfinger website is not working here also.

Working fine in California. I just googled monkey finger yoyos and hit enter. The monkey came up and as soon as I clicked on it; the Website opened.

I contacted Ray to see if they are having any issues at all.

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yea i always use th .ca and ive used all possible search engines and i cant get to it…:shrugs: maybe its just a fluke or something

hmm odd. For me clicking on a link from google takes me to some shoe store, but if I type the address in myself the correct site comes up.

correction I don’t think it is the correct site. the newest news listed on the site is from a year ago.
it’s a monkey finger site but some old version.

Same results. But I don’t think that it is necessarily wrong just because it hasn’t been updated in a year.

yea it hasnt been updated in a whle just the items and such,and thats all i could get was a crazy shoe store XD but guess what…it finally appeared YAYAAYAYA!