Messiah for Sale - Get free Metal drifter when you buy - 125$

Hey guys

I’ve got a blue Messiah. It’s smooth with a flat bearing. Only looking for cash. Will only ship after I receive my end of the deal due to a recent scamming

Offer anything you want, but mostly looking for cash.

Will take anywhere from 125-150 for it. Let me know guys, because I need the money to buy my friends bike

Now willing to accept trades if its a good offer
Offer up

now get a free metal drifter when you buy it!  :slight_smile:

Wants (NEW)

Mint 888x
Chico throws
Doc Pop bolt
one drop Y Factor
genesis+ hubstacks

And Cash

And any other fair offers

A word of caution to any potential buyer. Without examining this yo-yo to authenticate it (and knowing what you are looking for) there is no way to know if this is a bootleg YYR Messiah.

I’m not saying it is, just saying there is no way to know for sure.

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do you have any pics with the logo?

Sorry, I had to borrow my friends camera to take picture and his sd card is full now, but I can try soon