Mermaids man, their everywhere!

anyways, enjoy and subscribe!
comments welcome!

please make tutorial

uhm… I’ll try, promise to share it if I do?

what do you like about this trick?

Sweet! I really like the 3D plane breaking part.

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I remember seeing this trick from Josh’s nats video

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i realy like the flow and the moving in this trick,its like waves or something.

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PSHHHH! who needs planes! :wink:

thanks! josh was Awesome! you can see the last part of this trick @ 7:04

thanks. i’m actually in the hospital at the moment, i’ll try and get you guys a tut soon!

you sick or something?
thanks anyway, i cant wait…

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yes, pretty messed up on the health bar

get well soon…
i need a tutorial…

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hey man, i’ll get on that probably just after new years. got lots of requests for tuts. really hard when you usually do something with editing software and suddenly your missing a drive or something. i will do what i can to not let you down