Medical Bills Incoming **UPDATED 01/07/18**


First off, medical bills and insurance suck. I have to pay back a lot for my recent back surgery. Plus, one of my resolutions this year is to reduce my collection. So here’s my first wave.

I’m not entirely sure about pricing, I just checked what they were new and marked them down if they were Mint or Near Mint. If they were a bit more beat, I took more off. So offer up.

CONUS preferred. Add $2 for paypal fees. Otherwise, price is shipped.

Wolf-Red/White/Blue-Glitch_Mint-75 HOLD
Banshee-Dark Blue-Glitch_OneDing-75
CF003 V2 Proto-Clear-One scuff, no ano break-75
Hawk-Brown-Glitch_Ano Flaws-SOLD

Bliss-Black Wainbow-Rims Sanded, plays smooth-75

Corruption-Green SOLD

Paradox-Green-Mint-40 HOLD
Artemis Proto-Black-Mint-80



Cairn-Blue-NMTBS - B Grade-45
Silenus-Blue-Two Dings-25


LF quail, grail, ost quint
(ClockMonsterLA) #2

Apologies for my ignorance, but what does NMTBS stand for?


“near mint to be safe”, means he isnt sure if it’s in mint condition but good enough to be like 99%~ mint for sure (:

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Does the Gamma Crash come with its box by any chance?


No unfortunately I bought it pre owned without.


Sleipnir, Olympiad, and Grail SOLD

(ClockMonsterLA) #8

Could that brown Hawk also be described as copper colored?

({John15}) #9

Oh my Lord there are a ton of goodies in here

RIP your inbox


Yeah but I’d say closer to brown. Has definitely a metallic look to it too though so I can see how someone could say it’s copper. Wife says it’s copper.


Pink Corruption and CF002 SOLD


Have you seen @yoyo_girl_700’s post?

(ClockMonsterLA) #13

No. Which post would that be?


She is selling a green/gold Gamma Crash here


Bump. Thanks for all those who bought and helped!

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Interested in the Glitch Banshee why is it considered glitch

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