May 2016 - Stick It. Click It. Send it. Win!

Post your entries for May 2016 in this thread!

Don’t forget you can now either enter your photo here on the forums OR via Instagram!

To enter on Instagram post your photo and tag it with @YoYoExpert and #YoYoExpertStickIt
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One photo is picked each month to win a $25 Gift Certificate!

first is my tool box at work.

this one i did as a joke dont worry its not permanent. i build emercency vehicles so i took it off right away.

Gotta take a yoyo to prom, right?

Actually during grand March when I walked across the stage with my date, the person announcing us said that either some yoyoing or hacky sacking was going to go down at post prom because of me ;D

The current throw rotation…

My little thrower in training…

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Yer ar a yoyo wizerd, Harry.

Something seems a little odd here…

Winners being announced soon - Thanks!

  • André

The winner has been chosen for May!!!

The YoYoExpert staff’s pick for May was johnj4y! Congrats on your new little thrower! Best wishes to you!,91065.msg1011452.html#msg1011452

We are contacting you with your gift certificate code via Private Message on the forum.

Congratulations and thanks to all who submitted a picture. Keep sharing pictures in the next month thread for your chance to win! #yoyoexpertstickit #yoyoexpert

WOW, with all the other great submissions, I cannot believe my photo was picked. She has already learned the “Sleeper” Thanks again guys

Congrats! :slight_smile: