Marketing Campaigns

I saw this little tidbit from Wikipedia.

`5 year cycle

The yo-yo tends to go through 5 year cycles of popularity. Once the popularity of yo-yo’s amongst kids wanes, yo-yo companies go on a marketing campaign every 5 years to bring back yo-yo’s into the public consciousness, which is usually a successful tactic.`

So I was wondering, when was the last yo-yo campaign? Does anyone know?

Like yoyo boom?
In my city, 2 months ago.

Duncan is currently working on starting another boom.

Yup. They are going around to cities around the United States and going to some of the Toys’R’Us stores to put on a whole display. Not sure what’s in it seeing as how it isn’t coming to my city but I’ve heard it would be fun. You can see if your city is on there.

I had the big bang (of yo-yo’s) at my school about the begining of the year. It was huge. Practicly every kid in junior high and under. That got me started. Now the yo-yo group is like a few people. Me and some of my friends. At least were the only ones taking it seriously. :wink:

Hopefully somehow something will happen to my school.

I’m pretty sure that the last yoyo campaign was the FAST Challenge by YYF in around 2006. Not sure though, but i think so. Expect another one in 2010 or 2011. OR 2012!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!! >:D

last boom was when i was in 3rd grade about 4 years ago when this idiot dude that called him the yoyo guy totally mis-informed us and said forward pass was called shoot the moon ::). But I got a fireball and i was yoyoing like 24/7 but that was when i put my loop on my index, did not use a slip knot, couldnt do gravity pull, didnt cut the string, and actually, cant do a single trick. But know I’m on hourglass and I’m happy ;D