i swear this kid is an idiot. i traded him my 1/4 essence for a supra and a gnar. i got the yoyos, and sent out the essence. now, most of you don’t but some of you do know that my post office is pretty terrible and takes a couple days to get things out, and then a few more to even get the tracking #'s in. So i sent him the #, and it wasn’t in the system yet, so i guess that makes me a scammer? regardless, i sent the yoyo, and got feedback where not deserved because this kid is ridiculously impatient and left me feedback 2 days after i got his yoyos.

TL;DR This kid is impatient, and you shouldn’t trade with him.

i wouldn’t say that that is any reason to not trade with him as much as something that he needs to work on. don’t judge too harshly. and that explains a lot about our trade… luckily for you i dont jump to conclusions and submit feedback instantly.