Making my first big purchase for a "real" throw, help before I click order?

What I’ve got to upgrade from my old Velocity (I’m on a slight budget):

YYF Shutter, Silver edition
YYE String (Polyester, 25 count)
Velvet Bag
YYJ Thin Lube

Anything I need to add/remove/change? Am I good to go? Thanks!

If you’re going to be carrying your throw around a lot, I’d think about getting one of those yoyo holders that hangs off a belt loop instead of the velvet bag (which would definitely be better if you’ve always got a backpack on you or don’t plan on carrying it around). Maybe more strings as well? I think once you start to get really into throwing you’re going to be going through a lot of string.


Well if you can spare 5 dollars I would get a CTX bearing as an upgrade to the spec bearing in the Shutter.

Well I don’t go to a campus where having it hanging off me (or even off my backpack) would be okay. I think the bag would be fine, since it’ll be going in my backpack. And should I just splurge for the 100 pack of YYE string? I’m trying not to spend too much on string just yet.

The Silver edition has a center trac installed in it, which I hear is great. Is that fine?

Oh yeah that’s fine. Forgot those things come with a CT

The CT bearings are probably my favourite. I actually prefer them to the CTX bearings.


Skip the lube and buy more string.

They’re both equal in my eyes, except for the fact that CTX come deshielded, which I appreciate

My updated cart says this:

100 ct Polyester YYE string
IrPad Slim Pad Standard
YYJ Lube (The V4 is out)
YYF Shutter

Using a sock as a carry bag because forget spending extra money

Socks are cooler any way. Just remember to clean them first. You won’t want your shiny new Shutter to smell like feet. As far as pads go, I love IrPads but you might be better served getting two pairs of YYF pads instead for about the same price. But it’s all preference.


As someone relatively new to the game, would I be able to tell any difference? I feel like the benefit of having an extra pair for when I wear everything out would be great, so long as I don’t sacrifice any noticeable quality.

I think the YYF pads are a bit more beginner friendly. The IrPads can be a bit too snappy and more likely to kill off a lot of spin if you’re not getting clean hits on everything.

Edit to add: having said that, the extra grippiness also means the IrPads will last longer before needing to be replaced so there’s always that benefit. It’s a very personal thing. Maybe grab a set of each and see which you like for future reference.


I’d suggest a bulk pack of 100 blueprint. It’s probably the best bulk string u can buy.

I prefer kk bearings.

I’d also suggest maybe buying from the bst. U can get way more for ur money.