Major, Major, Major Score Today.

Got all of these in a package deal. Had to drive to Dallas, but was more than worth it. They all have the beautiful words “Made in the U.S.A. on them, except the Black Mambas. The Mambas do not have a country of manufacture, but I am thinking it is down under.Everything is new in the box or package. Now the hard part, deciding what I am going to sell and what I am going to keep. I also just scored some really hard to find 888’s and G5s, as well as some super nice CLYW’s. 26 metals in all, and all still new in the box.

Oh my. :open_mouth:
How much did you score it all for?

wanna share??? ;D

Mind blown. :o

Major, Major, Major Score is an understatement

If I told you you would cry. tim

I must know!

If you want to see some of the metals look for a sellername of sharpstuffsells on the bay. tim

I’d love to buy some of those from you. PM me!

:o :o :o

Hmmm, looks like somebody’s been hoarding a few things. Was that left over stock from a store?
Nice stuff in any event.

That is what I expect. I ask if he threw. A short “No” was all I received back. So just left it at that, paid and got out of there before he changed his mind.

That’s awesome man! Congrats. I live for days like those!

Awesome score!

I’d be willing to bet that was the stock from one of the old YoYoPlanet kiosk stores. I ran one in the late 90’s and that’s almost the exact stock I had.

How much did you pay!!??!

Not at liberty to say. tim

Now that you say that, seams I remember those. tim

Looks like you got a 1998 failed yoyo kiosks old inventory. I remember I bought (and still have) a golden eye because I thought it was a different yoyo than the axl…