(Alex Fairhurst) #1

This doubles as my 2 year video. A lot of work was put into it so comments, criticism, anything, is greatly appreciated.


(SR) #2

You sir, are a boss.

Really nice tricks, I love your incredible flow and complexity. The video was really well done, too.


Awesome!! I always love ur stuff!

(Alex Fairhurst) #4

Thanks a ton, guys!

(Jerrod) #5



Best one yet man. :slight_smile:


Should have called it “Trains” lol. seriously tho. great job. your horizontal play was amazing.

(Alex Fairhurst) #8

It really means a lot, everyone! Shout out to Andrew Robinson for his awesome video editing skills.


Hottest thing on the block.


Lol 0:36 Blue Steel
Great video bud.