Magic Yo-Yo Purple Line, TMBR, YYF Boss, Dream, Flight, Big Bro JO

For sale or trade. Listed prices include shipping with tracking within the US - and any other fees.

Wants: OD Downbeat, OD Marquis, C3 Move, YYJ H3X, YYF Nightmare, YYF Turntable, YYF 44, YYF Super G. Happy to entertain trades not listed on my wants list.

Magic Yo-Yo Purple Line - MIB - $14

TMBR Turner - MINT - $20 or best offer

YYF Boss, Daydream, Flight - from YYE Mystery Box. Brand new in box/plastic bags. $29 for all three

Big Brother - Juvenile Offender - Near Mint no box. Small anno flaw between the rim and the bearing seat - $35 OBO

Previous Trades:
Magic Yo-Yo Stealth - MIB
C3 - Berserker - MIB
3Yo3 - AL5 - MIB
Chico - XL - Mint no box
G2 - Aftershock - Mint no box
Summit - MIB - $100 OBO
Monkeyfinger Gelada
Chico Heavy Hitter

Puffin 1 MIB - $105
CLYW - Arctic Circle 2 - MIB - $105
One Drop - Code 1
CLYW - Glacier Express.
CLYW - Sasquatch
YYF - Nine Dragons
YYF - Ann Connolly Yuuksta. Mint.
TEN YoYo Wet Whistle. Has 2 small marks (pictured) no vibe 8.5/10 $65
Rebel YoYos Macrocosm (first run) MIB [b]10/10 $60
OD - Y Factor. Some minor scuffs on the rims (pictured in photos) that are smooth to the touch. Plays beautifully. 8.5/10. $45
YYF - Skyline Splash - Mint. 10/10. $50 Minor vibe you can feel on grinds, but not on the string. One hubstack needs a new o ring.
Crucial - a la Mode. Very near mint. It has a few tiny scuffs on the ano on the rim. You can make them out in the picture. They’re just at the surface of the ano. 9/10. 50[/b] It also has some minor vibe.[/s] [s]Crucial - Jirorian. Mint. [b]10/10. 50

Magic Yoyo - Desperado - Mint in box 10/10. $203YO3 - Accent - near mint, a few very light marks that are very hard to find, standard with a clear material. 9.5/10. $55
YYF - Supernova Vashek Kroutil - near mint, with one small smudge on the face - see picture
Chico - Manimal -
YYJ - X Con Pro. Mint in box
YYF - Mutant DNA - Mint. This is an impressive throw, but it’s a little too heavy for my tastes. Some minor hubstack induced vibe.
YYJ - pair of Unleashed - mintThrowdown Luchador - Grey and Blue, mint, with brand new red Chaz pad response system
Crucial Confection - custom painted by Jacob Gross. Mint, except one very small ding. You can see it in the picture.
YYF MVP - Blue, mintYYF Primo - Purple, mint with box
YYF Miguel Correa Genesis - Black and Red marble - has a few scuffs on one rim from an impact with my low ceiling. Cosmetic only, plays perfectly, and the scuffs are smooth to the touch.
YYF 2010 888 - Black, mint but one hubstack is missing an o-ring. and the end of one of the hubstack posts has a very small scratch.
YYF Pair of Loop 900s - Red/Clear, first run. The rims have some scuff marks, but I believe this is just from the plastic molding in manufacturing. I am the only owner, and I never bumped them into anything. You can see the scuffs in the photos. Response adjustment tool also included
YYJ Eneme - Black, B-grade. I got this at World’s last summer. Not sure why it’s B-grade. I can’t find any flaws, and it does not have any vibe.

I’ll trade a ds lite for something

Prices listed.

i want the jirorian but could you go any lower than 50

PM’d please get back to me, thanks.

Prices Dropped. Bump.

Prices reduced. Bump.

Bump - Prices reduced, throws added.

Trade for BBYY

25 for BB