Luftverk 000 Glass Dust Anodized & Ultra-Matte

Thinning the herd and starting with the Luftverks. I’ve got one each of the three colors of the 000 glass dust anodized and one of the 000 ultra-matte. The glass dust anodized are new / unthrown and the ultra-matte has been used but has never touched anything except a hand. You can see the distinct pattern from use in the ultra matte finish. Here’s the note on the UM finish from the Luftverk site: This finish is very absorbent. This means it will stain slightly as you use it and it touches the oils your hands. Not unlike nickel or silver plated yoyos, Ultra-matte will develop its own patina unique to you over time. Please note that this is a normal characteristic and personality of this yoyo.

All prices include shipping to the continental US.


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