Lucille is thirsty… She’s a Vampire Bat!


We gave Recess free rein to design a cool new YoYoExpert Edition First Base… and they really hit it out of the park! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

The First Base was created to serve as an affordable top performance yo-yo for everyone from beginner to pro! It’s a full sized yo-yo with a really comfortable shape that fits nicely in the hand and has excellent stability on the string. The First Base is fitted with a slim bearing to excel at beginner tricks right out of the box and an optional size C bearing for more advanced tricks.


I bought a First Base when it first came out and it is a great throw. This YYE edition looks great but it appears to be just sitting on the shelf. I have complained about the higher price of special color releases before and this one, no matter how much I would like to have it, has the same problem.
Be assured, though, I plan on buying another First Base and I plan on buying it from YYE.