When you lube a yoyo bearing, I’m lubing my YYJ speed bearing, do you have to deshield it first?

yes, you have to de-shield so that the ball bearings are visible, you apply the lube on the ball bearing

No, you don’t. BUt you’ll need to use a drop. It will seep through the opening that the clip doesn’t cover and undernead/around it.

If the bearing is de-shielded, you’ll need almost no lube. Dip a pin in it, touch it to 1 or 2 balls, spin and repeat if desired.

Another question, I’m getting a center trac bearing to help make my yoyo unresponsive, I heard they ship dry, s should put a drop of lube on it?

What yoyo are you referring to? As long as you’re using it to replace a C bearing, you’re good.

I don’t find myself needing to do anything other than put those in and start throwing.

Thanks Studio42, your posts are always helpful! And its a DI Base so the C sized bearing will fit.

Yes, the DiBase is C-sized. Let me know how that works for you. I was thinking of doing the same for my DiBase. Do use a bearing puller to remove the bearing, I hear it’s tight to the bearing seat!

You’re welcome. As always, I am glad when I can provide some small amount to help to someone!