Lubed g funk


Hey guys! I lubed my g funk yesterday with yyj thin lube (one tiny drop) to see if it would be quieter or not (kinda worked) and then threw it around for a few hours. During those few hours, i noticed that it was the tiniest bit responsive. I could do a double laceration fine, and i dont reallly know any other “unresponsive” tricks. It isn’t a big deal, but did i do something wrong when I lubed it? Is there a way that i can make it completely unresponsive again? Does it just need to, like, get worn out a little or something?


Lube will increase the responsiveness of a yoyo. Just play it and the lube will break in. The yoyo should then be fully unresponsive.



Pop the shields on the bearing.

Wrap the bearing up in a napkin and shake as hard as you possibly can.

That will get some of the excess lube out.

Re-shield your bearing and just break it in from there.

Use v4m lube next time. It works a bit better.


I only have yyj thin lube. I guess i’ll get that with my next order. The only problem with your method is that I know that im going to lose the bearing sheilds if i do that. Also, i still cant get the bearing out of it, so whatever. Its not that big of a deal, so Ill just wait for it to break in by itself.