LTF: 2WEI/E1NS Have YYF, Werrd, SPYY

Ok, I am looking for a 2WEI or an E1NS. These are all I am looking for, and I will trade greatly in your favor for one or preferably both.

Here is what i have:

YYF: Superstar Team Edition
Cyclon FHZ LB

ILYY Lio (Not for trade)
OK please do not message me in regards to the Lio. It is not for trade/sale
or anything. It is my favorite throw, and I spent a long time tracking a canflon one
down. I’m not going to get rid of it

BBYY Wedgie SB
YYJ Speedmaker
YYJ Kickside
YYF California
YYF Jensen Kimmet Superstar
YYF 09 Severe (44clash no caps)
YYF Loop 900
YYF Skyline
Werrd Pacquiao
Duncan Hayabusa
YYF Primo
SPYY Addict v2

Message me if you want to trade, I also have a few more that I can sweeten with not pictured