LTB/LTTF for Mint Colony in multiple colors


Looking for a mint colony in the one of these colorways:

Pink Aurora (Top Priority)
Blue Aurora
Champagne Gold
Blue with Silver Speckles

Willing to pay retail price for auroras or trade/partial trade
Possible trades are
Pulsefire Ti Prototype (1/3)
Raw Luftverk Octavia
We Are Throwers Draupnir
Silver/Blue DK
Cherry Limeade Gully
Everest 7Summit
Please let me know if you have one and we can talk, I don’t mind trading multiple high-end throws for one, thanks

(Ken) #4

Don’t have one but can I buy the ti pulsefire?


Sorry I’m not letting it go unless it’s for a pink aurora colony


The colony is the one with the bimetal rings on the OUTSIDE? I can never keep TP models straight, they are so similar.

I have a pink TP but it’s the one with the rings on the inside not the outside.


rewind has some stock possibly?


They don’t have the aurora colorways in stock


I hear you better to get the colors you want if your gonna pay that much.

(Ken) #25

Rewind has a raw colorway


That’s really the least priority, want a pink aurora or blue aurora no matter what

(Ken) #27

Some dude had a pink aurora palpitation up for sale in BST

(Ken) #31

Any idea how many colonies were released in the pink aurora colorway?


One, and I’m keeping mine forever MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHahhaahsljlreq23)_@#po


Bumps on a basketball


Funky Bumpy


Bump still here

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