Lots for sale/trade


$140 shipped for everything here…plus a pair of pulses…and something fun from my desk…

G5+, grey, lots of marks, tiny vibe, plays awesome, no stacks (can add)-$40

JK, mint, comes with a spec, not the crappy aoda one, pretty sweet, got this from Jensen Kimmitt-$30

900s, trans green/yellow, clear rims, first run, mint, one key-$30

BvM, polished outer rim, smooth, silid, plays great, a fair few marks$50

Bird, a lot like an Aquarius, bigger gap, all round better, never used, so minty fresh-$15

Some Counterweights ($20 for the lot):

  • 3 Orange snake-eyes, delrin balls, 2 mint, one has some light marks
  • 3 White snake-eyes, delrin balls, all 3 mint
  • 2 Custom white dice, black spots, mint, 22mm, about the same weight a duncan ones

Pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wcag1995/sets/72157626825977592/


Hit me up guys…I need me some cash!


Bump…more price drops…this stuff is dirt cheap now guys, so do me a favour and buy it…not really looking for trades unless it’s peaks or supernovas


Bump…no trades