LOT SALE 5 Supernovas & 2 RARE MINT A La modes. Take them all for $280! Help me!


I have 2 mint A La modes in this colorway http://www.throw-yoyo.co.uk/index.php?pg=yoyo-shop&cat=yoyo&Crucial&pi=224 I REALLY hate to see these go, fantastic players dead smooth aswell.
Im just in need of money at the moment so I need to sell them off:/. $60 each or $125 for the pair.

Next Up is 2 3a pairs ofSupernova 2012s grey/gold color pair and silver/red colror pair. They have a fair amount of 3a scuffs but still play pretty smooth. Great 3a pairs, I used supernova 2012s to get 2nd at BAC. $40 each or $80 for a pair Thank you!

Next is a red supernova lite really smooth has a slight rim satin. This one is up for $50.

Im willing to sell all for 280 which is saving you $50 if you were to buy individually im in need of money! If anyone could buy the whole lot it would be a HUGE help. thank you so much!!



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