Loop 900 = Sexy!!

got my loop 900s in the mail
black and green

cant wait to bring it to sleepaway camp!!
French Woods Festival all the way!!

Why is everyone making threads about sexy yoyos?

How is a yoyo sexy? That’s just creepy. It really is. You could say you like the looks of it, but sexy just…no…

Anything can be sexy. Calling things sexy has been happening for quite some time. Usually it is a statement about the aesthetics of a car, boat or some other attractively designed machine. Though with a Yoyo I am not so sure myself.

I recieved my Loop 900 today and its’ a nice plastic yoyo, but that’s it. It is not sexy

I can only think of sexy people. LOL!!! :smiley:

So do i.
But i guess nothing wrong with it.

LOL, I frequent many Bass (Guitar) Forums and they use the term ‘Bass Porn’ when they show off pictures of their basses. ;D

That’s getting a bit PG Thirteenarino, neighborooni!

and i quote ed’s 55 rule

  1. don’t use the word ‘sexy’ to describe a yo-yo. or ‘sexay’. or ‘secksay’. or ‘pure sex’. or ‘smexy’. to do so makes you sound as if you have no real context for the word ‘sexy’.

My yoyo case is sexy.

My daily carry is sexy.

Very sexy.

my yoyo case is snazzy

My yoyo case is sexy because it has… nvm.