Looking to downsize!

Hello there guys, you might know me from Yoyo BST& Talk Facebook group.
Selling or trading a bunch of throws. Those don’t get much play so I decided to give em away (and I would love 2x1 or 3x1 because I am looking to downsize). Combo deals are welcome. If you have something really special I could do everything for 1 throw. I don’t have set prices, not looking for profit, looking to move. Shipping from italy is 10$.


  • Orbis, NMIB, Smooth.
  • Lava GONE.
  • Imp, MIB, Smooth.


  • Severe, NM, classic plastic vibe.
  • PopStar, beat (lol)


  • L3, Mint, smooth.


  • Benchmark 2014 V, Signed by Jhon Best from OD, some scuffs, smooth.

Lava GONE. Grab 3 of your choice for 70$ shipped.