Looking for Journey and Lyn Fury.

Hey guys. Im looking for a Journey and Lyn Fury. I would prefer to get them both from the same person if at all possible but if not thats ok.

Im looking for those yoyos. (Lyn Fury, Journey)

They can have any mods except for Response system mods.

Heres what im looking for specificly

Lyn Fury. Any color except solid green or Black/yellow or solid yellow.

Journey. I would REALLY REALLY like clear if at all possible. But no black. I guess I could live with anything besides black but I REALLY REALLY want a clear one.

Like I said Mods are fine as long as there are NO MODS TO THE RESPONSE SYSTEM.

I’d prefer them to be in good condition. So no beat yoyos.
Im offering this stuff.

Pokemon Rescue Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team. with box, no manual.

Pokemon Ranger. with box, no manual

Those are the only DS games. Heres some GBA games.

Dragon Ball Z: Legacy Of Goku 2. No box, No Manual (I have 2 copies of this game)

Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories. No box, No Manual

Pokemon FireRed. No box, No Manual (I have 2 copies of this game)

I also have the original Mario Party for the N64, make offers on that. Its mint but no box. Just the game pak.

Im also willing to trade a combination of games and cash. Or I will buy them as a set, but i want a discount! lol

I would prefer not to just buy them but I will if you give me a good enough deal.

So if you have a Journey or Lyn or both then lets work out a deal!