Looking For (CLYW Arctic Circle) For my YOYOs and also with $MONEY$ and More!

Looking for AN Arctic Circle Mint or IdK has to have Box

For : I will offer one NEW YoyoFactory unopened Superwide that retails (64.99) and YoyoFactory Popstar In great condition only few scuffs retails (25.99)
and will also come with

$$$$$78.00 $$$$$

You can also text me At (323)577-5079 for your pictures of the yoyos you would like to offer

:(No fools gold

superwide 33 (5.59 KB)

Sorry, but you have to have your own pictures. That superwide pic is straight from the YYE shop page.

Yeah, that’s good. Nothing personal, just rules. :wink:

Actually not really, its just a box. lol