Looking for a couple of plastics

So im in the market for a couple of plastics to buy.
I am looking for:[list]- a white or black legacy

I have a green and black PGM. A few black marks along the rims but they aren’t scratches or anything. What do you have for it?

@ Apetrunk. Im not really looking to trade anything mainly just out to buy.

Ok I found the pgm, so just looking for the all white legacy now

i have a green and black legacy i am not sure if i want to sell it tho
offer up

I’ve got a mint half green half white legacy. New caps. Plays great! Offer up!

:slight_smile: :)I have a legacy. wht. has a konkave. satined. a little loud. has only one cap so u can see the wieght ring . very cul. will take 40 for it . sleeps almost 2 minutes . pm for a lower price :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I am really looking for a stock legacy, no satining, stock bearing and all caps as new.

All white legacy only guys.

Ok no offense, but you’re never going to get $40 for something like that. And I bet I can find somebody that can make it sleep longer than 2 minutes and somebody that can make it sleep less than 2 minutes. Mainly I’m trying to say that 1) it’s not worth much and 2) sleep time is not the stat for any yoyo or any bearing or anything. PM me if you feel I’m attacking you or something.


Sooooo im still looking for that legacy. Can anybody out there help me out.