Looking for a Code 2 mostly!! Or whatever you've got. Some rare throws inside!!!

I’m really upset I traded my code 2 away and I’m looking to get another one. I’m looking for mint or near mint, box would be a plus but it’s not a deal breaker. Not looking for any specific color but splashes or named color ways would be nice.

So this is what I’ve got to trade.

  1. Black delrin Severe. This is an awesome yoyo. Near mint and comes with a CT bearing.

  2. SPYY Supra. This is a fun yoyo and no longer made. It does have a few marks but the worst is pictured.

  3. Slithering Hippo Aa7. This is another one that’s hard to find. This one is near mint and the worst damage is shown. It’s beefcaked with 2 Terrapin A bearings. This is a beast of a yoyo.

I just got these yoyos within the past week or so and I really do like them but I really miss my Code 2 and I’m willing to part with these so I can get one.

Let me know what you’ve got!!’