Looking for a Bear vs. Man. Any takers?

No ding machines please. Not looking for one on mint but you know. Also, the version doesn’t matter.

I’m trying to get this before the TN state contest so if you are interested in selling please respond quickly. It’s in like 2 weeks or something.

Less then two weeks

Aw peas. Come on! Somebody? Any offers?

Please guys? <=)

I got one that is in mint condition! I’ll send you pics if you still want it.

sick! How much for it?

95$ With Shipping and a tube of Silicone included.

what about $85 without the sili? (already have some)

Ok… Would 90$ be ok? Cause it includes shipping and that BvM was 110$

ok. Deal. $90 it is.

PMs guys…

no one else is in the thread. Who cares?

Whatever, nevermind.