Limeberry, a new video by the palli

comments and criticism welcome.


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You’re just so awesome Palli.

My face hurts…

Amazing! I was mesmerized the whole time. lol great video! ;D

Awesome. can you do a slo mo on the reverse double Gt thingy I have been trying to figure it out for a while now.

As with all your videos:

Loved it Palli!
(Nice Star Laceration)

You have the coolest flow i think I’ve ever seen. And a really refreshing style. Bravo keep up the good work. ;D

amazing vid palli

No words.

Thanks for the kind comments guys!

I’ll try to make one sometime in the future ;]

My flow is usually a lot different than this video, I wanted to try to change things a little bit. :3

Oh My Gosh!

Finally, a new Palli video.

I favorited this in the first 3 seconds!


That was INSANE!!!

Ah, so is this the “good” video you have been finally working on? If not, its still super awesome! :slight_smile:

Wow! Yay your finally on the yoyoexpert forums!!

He’s been here for quite a while, but never posted much…