LF1st generation 5* fs/ft Bunch of stuff Luckey 7 Trans FhC & 2% milk

I am looking to sell some stuff so i can make a new string rig.
I will take any reasonable offer.
1st Gen 5*
Make an $$$ offer
that is all I want

PAY PAL Please

Here is what I have to offer

5A FH Tahashi Mod/ Satined $15
Mint trans FHC with weight rings, acorn nuts/ I have the caps also This will take a lot to get from me $65
Mint FHC with weights under caps $25
Mint 2% Milk with both large and small sprs (I have the Box) $60 I have an offer at this price

Mint Lucky 13 (Have the box and stickers) $65
Mint Dingo blue and green $30
Crucial Heavy Cream Uniurm edition few dings nothing goes through the ano or affects play ( I have the box)$70
Heavily modded Bully it has been totally reworked and is light but fun to play with $35

Mint Purple YYF 44 for the Milk 2%?

No one wants to help a guy out?

$55 for your Milk 2%?

is the takeshi pad recess or single side sili

im thinking about the bully

is the top right yoyo in the 1st pick the Madhouse Lucky 7??? if so i would like to make an offer on it

still on the hunt