Looking for:
CLYW,YYJ,OD,RecRev,Werrd,4a stuffs :smiley:
If you have any of the above pm me!

more detail?

Might help if you actually put what youre looking for in the title intead of just putting “Lf”

Lf… Hmmm…

Leaf Fungus
Llama friends
Luke Flywalker
Licking freaks
Look Father
Lake furrymorington
Looking For(The most likely name the title stands for, but you never do know.)

lol. i think he meant what you were actually ‘looking for’ like yoyos i.e “lf: clyw, yyf.” no need to be rude.

I was just having some fun; I’m sure the OP doesn’t mind me bumping his BST…

Bump and yeah my bad should’ve thought of that :stuck_out_tongue:

Might want to add a little more details. And try puting some of your yoyo’s on your fourm some one might wanna trade with you. And the admin’s might delet this fourm. Try to put pictures of your yoyo’s on there.

     Josh  ;D