LF: YYfr Sakura Pheasant, Snow Cone/Ash Berry Akita, + more!

hey again, continuing my search for certain grails! let me know if you all have any of these, i have yoyos for trading and cold hard electronic cash for not trading :handshake:

Yoyofriends Sakura Pheasant
C3 Samothrace, pink preferred
C3 Socius, pink or dark green preferred
Good Life Gully
CLYW Akita (snow cone or ash berry, can trade colors)
Prohibition Excess
YYF Miracle in Lavender
Yotricks Ethos
DD Shell in Cotton Candy
CLYW Beater (Bad Decisions) below retail price, i’m a player not a collector
CLYW Manatee (Tiffany Mint, seafoam, or blurple fade)

conditions don’t matter as long as they aren’t body vibing, stripped, etc. please help me find these beautiful girls :people_hugging:


wish found!! thank you so much :smiling_face: bump for the rest!


i have money. you have yo-yos. we can make this work :clinking_glasses: