LF: YYF Pheasant, GL Gully, etc

hey yall, instead of waiting for yoyos I want to pop up on the BST, I’m going to ask for them specifically here. If yall have any of these that you’re willing to let go, please DM me and we can work something out in terms of cash or trade.

Here’s the list!

Few&FarBetween Dreamer (Unknown Edition)
Yoyofriends Sakura Pheasant
C3 Galaxy Diver 7075 v2 Mint Green
Good Life Gully
Prohibition Excess
YYF Miracle in Lavender
Yotricks Ethos
DD Shell in Cotton Candy
YYFr Tachyon, moonrock preferred
Duncan GTR-JS Purple/Gold Rims
yoyofficer hatchet+ teal w/ black rims
CLYW Dune Artist Edition prickly pear or desert rose


I’ll keep my eyes peeled for you

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Me either. But one quick question. How did you create this neat dropdown list. Would love to know so I‘d be able to clean up my own bst listings :sweat_smile:

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when you make a post, you can press the gear button and press “hide details”, and that will make a list that you can put things into! it’ll say “details=summary”, and just replace summary with the name of the list and the text between the brackets with what you want in there. here’s an example of what it looks like:

[ details=“Summary” ]
This text will be hidden
[ /details ]

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Wow, great :+1:t5: Thank you very much. That was very helpful.

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tachyon found! it was my main search, so I’ll boost this once and let it rot. thank you!


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