LF: YYF Superstar Jensen Kimmitt Red (Red only)

Looking for one of the first metal yoyo that I really wanted when I started yoyoing 10 years ago. Red Jensen Kimmitt Superstar (red only, please). Any condition will do, but mint or NM condition is prefered. Got cash and trade. HMU with your offer, please…


Pic for attention


Good luck, my friend! That’s a very admirable choice.:+1:

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Thanks man… It’s going to be a long shot, eh… LOL

There’s something for you on the China Fish Platform

What do ya mean, man?

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Good luck man! I remember owning this throw at one point, definitely one that I regret trading away lol

Yeah, i am still lookin for one…

I know it’s going to be a long shoot… I am prepared :sunglasses::crossed_fingers:

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