LF: YoyoJam Surge

Looking for a YoyoJam Surge. I’m not picky on color, but would like it to be mint condition. I have lots of options for trades, or can do a cash offer if the price is fair.


I happen to have one in a tidepod(blue/yellow) half-swapped if you would like to trade, don’t play with it a lot

Sweet. Would you mind sending me a picture of it? I will send you a picture later today of some stuff I have that you can choose from.

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Sure no problem!

Sorry for the late sending of the pictures, here you go!

I’ll get back to you later on this. I thought you meant halves were different the cup cover and the body, and not literal halves. I interpreted it wrong. I’d like to see if I can find one that is the same color halves.

Sure no problem!

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