[s]Hey everyone as the title says im looking for a MINT condition Avalanche or Sasquatch !!!

My top colourway wishes/requests for the Sasquatch (no particular oder): silver with lime speckle,dark green with brown speckles and 28stories! if you offer me another colourway I must be looking over it if I like it. Even if you offer me the colourways listed above I might not pick it to 100% but chances are pretty high! For the Avalanche (I doubt I will get this offered but who knows ;D) Id like to have the blue/pink speckled one!
But I guess the best way is you just contact me via PM and we can sort everything out! :slight_smile:

Paypal ONLY! You have to know that I live in EUROPE, Germany so if you trade me one of those throws I will add in about 10$ for shipping; usps is like 10$ or something as I know from my previous trade. Please trusted members!

Already had an offer for a MIB 28stories Sasquatch for 110$ (shipping included in the price) but I didnt have the money at that time :’(… Just throwing that in so you know what kind of price I have in mind O0! Price is of course negotiable!

Hit me up with offers and what colourway you have! I care about the colourway and condition so if I dont like the colour I might refuse the offer! Dont hesitate to PM me! I will answer quickly! PICS ARE NECESSARY! PLEASE PM ME!!! I WILL PAY FIRST BEFORE YOU SHIP OF COURSE (well atleast if you have a good feedback ;))
CHECK MY YYN PROFILE!!! SAME NAME!!! there is only 2 feedback but i have over 700 posts and stuff and people know me :wink:
Thanks! 8)