LF / WTB Crucial Jirorian, Retic Burm, YT One, CLYW Advance Scout & W-MarkMont, & TY Colossus I & II

Looking for a couple of older throws if anyone has one sitting around they aren’t getting use out of or that might need a good home please!

On the hunt specifically for the following if possible:


  • OG Colossus / Colossus I
  • Colossus II


  • One (Specifically the Yo-Tricks version with the Bear on it)

Retic YoYo

  • Burm


  • Advance Scout
  • Wooly MarkMont


  • Doorknob (DK) - Unknown Variant with the key-hole


  • Jirorian

Near Mint would be wonderful, but can handle some scuffs, scratches, or dings as long as they still perform well without obvious string vibe or issues. Not picky about colors.

Feel free to shoot me a message if you’re willing to part with those sweet sweet throws. :slight_smile:


Jake Bullock - Dunk Rebound
Freshly Dirty - Moldy Bread
Basecamp - Moonshine (the Original / First Version), Navigator, Jackknife, Pariah
G Squared - Albatross
CLYW - Sasquatch 2018 Version

Little Bumpskies

Added YoYoFactory - One (Yo-Tricks Edition with the Bear on it)
& Basecamp - Jackknife & Navigator

Some things found, some things added, thanks for watching! :slight_smile:

Updates made to the hit list. :slight_smile:

Updated Bump = Bumpdated!