LF / WTB: Copper Sudo

LF / WTB: Copper Sudo (pic for attention)
Paypal ready / decent cash offer! :slight_smile: Let me know if you’re looking to sell. Thanks!

Yeah, thanks. Already tried to purchase from him, but he’s not interested in making a sale. :man_shrugging:

Out of curiosity, what do you consider a fair price for one? What was original msrp?

Those that are willing to sell a
Sudo non Cu Copper $90-$120
Sudo Cu Copper $175-$225+
( + how much has the buyer let you know they want one ) I really wanted one bad, but was guided buy people and friends on the forum. I was able to get many Sudo throws both aluminum and copper plated in the ranges above. Good luck they are amazing Static.Co website has some interesting reading on the origin story of the Sudo and Parlay.

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I would say around $150 is a fair price (based on what they originally sold for… $100 from memory.

Maybe a little more, if it’s in excellent condition, comes with the original packaging etc.

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