LF/WTB CLYW Cliff, Chief, Borealis, BvM1, Bonfire, Scout, Advance Scout and more

Greetings! I am new here.

Looking for some old CLYW. Mint In Box preferred but it depends. I also list the models and colorways that I want:

Cliff: Blizzard, 28s, widowmaker preferred.
Chief: Solid colors preferred, or Hi André colorway. If it is 7075 ver. any color.
BvM1: limits to the version which has a man/bear face on each side. Like pic shows below.
Borealis: Solid colors preferred, or Blizzard & Northern Light colorway.
Bonfire: 7075 ver. only, any color.
Scout: Solid color preferred. 7075 ver. black preferred.
Advance Scout: any color.

If you have some please feel free to DM.


I would potentially sell my CLYW Cliff, delirium dive, Petr Kavka. MIB
If you are interested send me a private message with your offer excluding fees and shipping.

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Sounds great! But sorry I am a noob so I don’t know if this is a private message.


Dmd you



bump :smiley:

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