LF - WANT: TMBR/SPYY Eh! ..CLYW Yeti! Looking for a nice deal on a Eh! &Yeti...

Hello YYE,


[b] - One Drop Rally (Green only!!)

  • TMBR x SPYY Eh!

  • CLYW Yeti (any color…)

  • C3 Speedaholic (mainly clear… but any color will do)[/b]

I have:

[b] - Cash!! $$…

  • TMBR Freemont[/b]

On the hunt for a TMBR x SPYY Eh!.. Looking for something in good condition.
Also, I missed the drop for the Yeti… looking for any colorway of CLYW Yeti…!!

I may have a nice minty metal yoyo for multiples on my want list :wink:

Let me know what you have and what you are asking ($$) for them?! :slight_smile:

Got me my BNIB green Rally… Just need a Yeti! :wink:

Looking for Ed’s wooden Eh!

send me pm’s with your price! PayPal is armed and ready!!