LF:Valkyrie, Sigtyr, Overdrive Draupnir

LF: Valkyrie, Sigtyr, Overdrive Draupnir! Please hit me up if you are willing to sell any one of these!

Paypal ready!



Best of luck. All are fantastic. Especially the Valkyrie imo


I think i need more than luck in this case… i need divine intervention XD

Well…best of devine intervention to you. These throws are out there and I have seen them all traded recently. Stay persistent and make it worth their while and you’ll find what your looking for.


You’re bound to find one em if not all of em bro, trust me. Every yoyo is obtainable inable. I once thought I wouldn’t find my grails but they somehow just end up randomly on the forum when you least expect it.

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bump VI, any starcraft 2 / age of empires 2 fan hit me up : D

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bump VIII, someone please save me, my roman numerals knowledge is limited : (
guy below me is a life saver <3

Bump IX ( sorry I realized I bumped twice)

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