LF: UNKNOWN FiReal and Shaqshine

The hunt is one step closer to being complete, that is until Bryan and Unknown decided to drop the next one…

Still searching for the following Unknown branded throws:

Japan Tech FiReal - black version

Japan Tech Shaqshine - Got One!!!

General Yo Prophecy - Mint or near mint if possible

Ps… I know some of these are and hard to find… but I am prepared to pay depending on condition.



Still need a FiReal!!! Someone sell me a black one pretty please :grimacing:

Nice collection! But tell me you have an extra Bassacuda lying around somewhere you’ll part with!!! :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

And are you missing the SF PLSTC Unknown edition?

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Throwing my brown one today and loving it! :wink:

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Yep Scored 2 PLSTC’s.
I’ll Let you know about that Bassacuda…Might have another one coming in


U are just trying to make me jealous

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I was able to snag one… not mint like yours but it will do for now


Good work!


wow. this is seriously impressive. I know it’s a long shot but if you had any doubles you’d be willing to part with that would help me out immensely ! good job on amassing this collection!

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Whats that small one to the far left bottom? :heart_eyes:

Yoyofreaks Hashtag

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