LF:Tablets, Smartphones, CLYW, YYF,Draupnir more


I am from POLAND, in Europe :slight_smile:
I am looking for some TABLETs and Smartphones.
*Tablets should have mint screen and fully work, and contain charger.
*Smartphones, should have mint screen, fully work, with charger , memory card, and be unlocked

CLYW: Yeti
YYF: Shutter, Proton, HOT
YYJ: XLR8, Diamond Back, maby Quest (+Caps)
C3: Movitation, Krown, Glitter
YYR: Draupnir
Tablets: (Just offer mewhat you have ) :stuck_out_tongue:

*Samsung nearly all
*Ipad all


Galaxy s III, Galaxy s IV
*Nokia Lumia:
928, 900, 920, 925

4, 4s, 5, 5s generation

*Sony Ericsson:
Aino U10I, Xperia Honami Z1 , XPERIA SP, XPERIA ION, XPERIA Z, XPERIA C, Xperia acro, Xperia 1,Xperia V


*Nono 6th generation only , it should be fully work, with charger, and at least 8gb


Your trading yoyos for these? Do you have pics? What yoyos?


Bc, stop trying to play moderator, stop trying to be elitist, and stop being inhospitable to other members.

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