LF onedrop rarities, especially 2016 benchmark set, have goodies for trade

Still looking to round out my onedrop collection, so the offers become more desperate. Here’s what I have to trade:

Mint w/ box M1
Mint w/ box Project 2 (basically never thrown)
Mint w/ box+pin RSO Ti The End
Mint w/ box+pin RSO bowl mg
sengoku masamini v2 (funny yoyo)

Brass lego SE, brass spike SE, brass dome SE

MCMO Nickel Plated, one spot doesn’t break the finish
MMC Nickel Plated (original release w/ brass markmont SE), mint
Motion Accelerated Blasted Farmers Green (w/ box), mint
Turning Point Anubis, NMTBS, raw marks + slight nail vibe
Turning Point Kiwi
Yoyorecreation Gleipnir (one flat spot, doesn’t break ano)

There’s some other things kicking around my collection, and I always have cash to sweeten the deal. Will also purchase outright.

Only looking for: (damage/dings/whatever is fine as long as it’s not super string vibey)
(in order of desirability, will hold off on the lower items for a bit to try and pull out a benchmark set)

Benchmark 2016 Set (splash preferred), will also buy O/H/V splashes independently but only trading the above for a full set – very interested in this, will overpay for a splash set that matches
Wooly Markmont
Markmont Project
Nickel 2013 Benchmark V/H
Nickel Prescription

things I want to buy (still will buy these regardless of whatever the bottom post says):
Broken Heart Rev2 (other splashes okay but I really want broken heart!)
Clique (pref. 2nd version)

Other older SE throws (YWET/Viszilla, og Capstan, etc.), pretty interested in an OG capstan



bump again… still looking! trades only.


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